Website SEO Services – Who Are They Suitable For?

Our website SEO services, cater for customers who want:

  • A website optimised i.e. SEO, search engine optimisation
  • An increase in website traffic and visitors
  • To be found by new customers in the major search engines
  • To attract new customers
  • To build a list of potential customers / lead generation
  • To generate new business leads
  • To get extra sales
  • Quality, hot targeted leads who are looking for what your selling
  • To be found on page one of Google, Yahoo, Bing
  • To find out how to outperform your competitors in Google page rankings
  • To know why your competitors are top of Google (and how you can get there ahead of them)
  • More website backlinks
  • To be found in local searches e.g. Google Places
  • To be found on smartphone searches e.g. Iphone (as this is a growing audience)
  • To sell more products / services (info products have great opportunities with Amazon Kindle, Ipad and similar competitors)
  • To have a social media marketing presence (a credible, professional presence)
  • To set up a Facebook page (but don’t have time to do it)
  • Help and training to manage and grow a Facebook page fans
  • To make use of other communication channels such as Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin
  • To keep up to date with the fast moving changes of the social media marketplace (because you don’t have time to do this)
  • To grow your sales, profits, return on investment
  • To impress your boss, partner, family
  • To spend less on Google Adwords advertising, PPC, pay per click to get website traffic
  • A new website designed and built
  • Your website updated / upgraded

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