SEO For All Seasons

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SEO For All Seasons

SEO is an everchanging field that requires constant learning and study to keep up with the latest trends. Like the changing seasons of the year, each search engine algorithm change brings a fresh look to the SEO landscape.

What does this mean for website optimisers and website owners?

Just when a website is happy settling into a dominant position in the search engine rankings, a subtle and often potent change in the Google algorithm occurs to keep complacency from settling in. This can have a marked change in website ranking for certain target keywords.

If your website is a winner in the new SEO  landcape and rises up the rankings, you may well be praising the latest Google algorithm change, such as the recent Panda update.

Google says this new algorithm improves overall search quality, as it mainly went after content farms and aggregator and spam sites. These websites were poor quality, with a short articles no better than ads, written with poor quality language skills and often copied from other sites.

However, because of the details of the Panda update, even some very high-quality sites were lumped together with the content farms and this is what has caused some website owners to get upset when traffic hit their revenues.

A Google spokesman said “Our goal is simple: to give users the most relevant answers to their queries as quickly as possible” . “This requires constant tuning of our algorithms, as new content — both good and bad — comes online all the time. Recently we’ve heard from our users that they want to see fewer low quality sites in our results.”

All this makes SEO, search engine optimisation a very exiting place to be working in.

We find clients are very responsive to an SEO company that is flexible, reliable and prides itself on keeping up to speed with the latest search engine algorithm changes.

Steve Johnson is a Digital Marketing Consultant at SEO Allardice, Twickenham, London, United Kingdom.

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