SEO FAQs - frequently asked questions

SEO FAQs – The Ones To Ask

Frequently Asked Questions: 10 important things to ask your SEO company prior to engaging their services.

  • What are your most recent website successes with respect to search engine optimisation results?


  • How can I tell if my SEO strategy is working?


  • How long to get my website ranking on page one of Google after you have carried out your SEO?


  • How do you set up your linkbuilding services? In-house or are they outsourced?


  • How important is a keyword rich domain name to my success in the search engines?


  • If I am top of Google and still not converting any traffic into new sales, what can be done to remedy this?


  • What’s your view on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube? and how can these help drive traffic to my website?


  • When setting up a new website, who should I speak to first, the web designer, copywriter or the SEO person?


  • What SEO packages do you offer and any ongoing monthly SEO fees?


  • Timescales – when can you start on my website and how long to complete optimisation?

These FAQs  are provided courtesy of SEO Allardice.

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